We started Beervana in 2012 with a simple mission, to bring the best beer in the world to the thirsty drinkers of Thailand. While working with bars, restaurants and hotels to get the good stuff flowing throughout Bangkok we also recognized the desire of some craft beer lovers to drink at home. Thus the Craft Beer Club was born. The CBC was a fun project but it quickly became difficult to manage. The home delivery apps we have today didn’t exist so we tried to do everything directly, we were overwhelmed and decided to close the club.

But now we’re back! Welcome to the Craft Beer Club 2.0! 

A Beervana passion project for those craft beer lovers who don’t always want to go out to find it. Stock up your fridge! Get ready for that pool party or BBQ!  

Want a refreshing Lager after work or a dreamy stout before bedtime?  

The Beervana CBC has you covered.